o//^//o aside from the good-looking background characters, “RINHARU IS FUCKING CANON” comments, magical haru character development, am i the only one who legit LIKED how the english lines were spoken/delivered (excluding rin’s because it’s fucking mamoru miyano yo! what do you expect!)?? well, okay… probably with the exception of adding “mate” to sentences because i don’t know if that applies to every goddamn australian.



Let’s talk about this guy right here.

Because right after this blond babe steps up on the platform and talks to Haruka, suddenly Haru finds his true calling.

Suddenly, as he watches him dive into the water does Haru want to swim professionally here.

There is just something Haru finds amazing in the way he swims that triggers this intense feeling to swim as well.


Wait a second.

This sounds EXTREMELY familiar, doesn’t it?

Almost like the mindset of a certain butterfly back in season 1.